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Iguatemi announces corporate venture capital program

São Paulo, April 13, 2021 - Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers SA (“Iguatemi” or “Company”) [B3: IGTA3], one of the largest full-service companies in the shopping center industry in Brazil, introduces its Corporate Venture Capital Program. 

Corporate Venture Capital

Over the last few years, Iguatemi has structured and developed an investment program in Corporate Venture Capital with the objective to support potentially high growth companies at the beginning of their business journeys. In addition to the expected financial returns from these investments, Iguatemi's management believes that these initiatives provide the Company with the opportunity to be connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where talented founders and teams are building new ventures with the potential to become relevant businesses. From the perspective of the invested companies, besides the invested capital, they see Iguatemi as a partner capable of providing guidance and networking with possible customers and partners.

Within the Corporate Venture Capital program, Iguatemi has focused on evaluating investments and partnerships in companies that are in or revolve around its core business, including: real estate, retail, e-commerce, fashion, events, among others.

These investments are not made with the objective of controlling or having a significant influence on the invested companies, nor have these companies become subsidiaries of Iguatemi. On the contrary, the goal is to support them and their founders so that they can carry out with their growth plan and develop into successful businesses.

Since 2019, Iguatemi has made three investments that we believe fit the strategy described above. Given the small size of the investments, which are not relevant as a percentage of Iguatemi's market cap or equity, and the fact they are within the statutory and corporate governance limits of the Company, they are not disclosed at the time they are made. As they become relevant in terms of size, representativeness or market value, they will be brought to the attention of the market and shareholders.  

Infracommerce Investment

The Infracommerce CXAAS S.A. (“Infracommerce”) opportunity was presented to the management of Iguatemi in 2019 by Cadonau Investimentos, the Investment Office of the Jereissati Group, which is very active in liquid and illiquid investments, including Private Equity and Venture Capital, in Brazil and abroad.

At that point, Cadonau Investimentos had already made the decision to invest in the primary offer made by Infracommerce through the Navigator One Fund, an investment vehicle held abroad and managed by a third-party, and it extended the opportunity for Iguatemi to co-invest on equal terms.

The Navigator One Fund, through its wholly owned subsidiary Engadin Investments LLC, holds a stake that currently corresponds to 16% of the equity of Infracommerce. Iguatemi has shares in the Navigator One Fund that correspond, indirectly, to 65% of the capital of Engadin Investments LLC.

Iguatemi does not have direct ownership, does not control and is not a party to any shareholders' agreement that regulates voting or any other relevant matter in Infracommerce. Iguatemi considers the investment in the Navigator One Fund to be a financial investment that can be partially or totally sold in the short or medium term, depending on market conditions. Pedro Jereissati, a member of Iguatemi's Controlling Group, was elected to sit as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Infracommerce.

Cristina Anne Betts
CFO and Investor Relations Director
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